The workshop will take at the University of Skövde, Sweden, in the Portalen building.

Portalen is on the other side of the railway if you’re coming from the city centre. To reach it, you can go to the main campus and find the passage below the railway, after which it will be straight ahead of you.

You can also go to the main station, and follow either of the platforms to the very end (in direction of the University), which will also lead you to a passage under the railway. Pass under the railway, then cross the footbridge on your left and follow the path, at the end of which Portalen is again directly ahead of you.

We will be in the main room (“Insikten”) on the ground floor of the University part of the building (this is the part that you reach first from either of the above directions).

Skövde is a small city in Västergötland. It can be easily reached by train from Stockholm (2h fast train) or Göteborg (1h fast train).

The city center and the university are within walking distance of the main station.

Several hotels are available:

The workshop will take place at: