The tentative programme for the two-day workshop is as follows:

Friday 25th August 2017

11:00 Welcome and opening remarks
11:20 Keynote - Irene Pepperberg
Interspecies communication: a means of studying the cognitive and communicative abilities of Grey parrots
12:40 Phonetic Characteristics of Domestic Cat Vocalisations
Susanne Schötz, Joost van de Weijer and Robert Eklund
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Appropriate Voices for Artefacts: Some Key Insights
Roger Moore
14:30 Multimodal breathiness in interaction: from breathy voice quality to global breathy “body behavior quality”
Liliya Tsvetanova, Veronique Auberge and Yuko Sasa
15:00 Bases of Empathic Animism Illusion: audio-visual perception of an object devoted to becoming perceived as a subject for HRI
Romain Magnani, Clarisse Bayol, Yuko Sasa and Veronique Auberge
15:30 Animal-Robot Interaction: The Role of Human Likeness on the Success of Dog-Robot Interactions
Maretta Morovitz, Megan Mueller and Matthias Scheutz
16:00 Break
16:20 Cognitive mechanisms underlying speech sound discrimination: a comparative study on humans and zebra finches
Merel Burgering, Carel ten Cate and Jean Vroomen
16:40 Recording Vocal Interactivity among Turtles using AUVs
Nick Campbell and Angela Dassow
17:00 Keynote - Gabriel Skantze
Towards Real-time Coordination in Human-robot Interaction
18:00 End
19:30 Social Event

Saturday 26th August 2017

09:30 Keynote - Arik Kershenbaum
Animals, humans, computers, and aliens. Is there anything in common between all their languages?
10:30 Break
10:50 A proposal to use distributional models to analyse dolphin vocalization
Mats Amundin, Robert Eklund, Henrik Hållsten, Jussi Karlgren and Lars Molinder
11:10 Development of vocal cord mechanism for a robot capable of infant-like speech and reproducing the pitch of a babbling and a shout
Tomoki Kojima, Nobutsuna Endo and Minoru Asada
11:30 Perceptual and acoustic correlates of spontaneous vs. social laughter
Takaaki Shochi, Marine Guerry, Jean-Luc Rouas, Marie Chaumont, Toyoaki Nishida and Yoshimasa Ohmoto
12:00 Robot, Alien and Cartoon Voices: Implications for Speech-Enabled Systems
Sarah Wilson and Roger Moore
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Keynote - Véronique Aubergé
The socio-affective glue: how to manage with the empathic illusion of human for robot?
15:00 Panel discussion
15:30 Closing remarks & Finish